Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary is a National Historic Site and a charitable not-for-profit.

Fort Calgary is culturally and historically significant. It is located at the confluence of Bow and Elbow Rivers which is a part of a vast, dynamic and unfolding territory rooted in stories and lifeways of Blackfoot, Nakoda, Tsuu’tina, and Métis peoples. These distinct and diverse worldviews and communities have developed here over thousands of years, and are still active today.

Fort Calgary is a place for learning, contemplation, and reconnection.

Fort Calgary has a layered history. It has always been Niitawasi (Blackfoot Territory) and was a location for meeting, celebrations, ceremony, hunting, harvesting, trade, and so much more. Because this place already held significance for Indigenous peoples, the North West Mounted Police built a fort here in 1875. When you visit the Fort Calgary museum, you will learn more about the histories of this place and the roles of the North West Mounted Police in bringing Canada to Niitawasi. We encourage all those who visit this place to learn and recognize the truthful and complex histories of this site. It is a place to reconnect with the land, people, the past and the present through the various experiences we offer here: exhibits, public programs, venue rentals, education programs, and volunteering.

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Fort Calgary
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