Indigenous Science Night: Fall Harvest


On October 21, celebrate autumn and explore the fall harvest during Indigenous Science Night: Fall Harvest at Spark, from 5:00 to 10:00 PM!

  • Experience the science behind preparing for the winter months and see the ways in which Indigenous people give reciprocity to the land.
  • Join Knowledge Keepers and Indigenous scientists to learn about how to harvest and use plant medicine, how to read the stars to optimize hunting and harvesting, and the science of smoking and preserving meat.
  • Enjoy performances by the Many Nations, One Voice for Wellness hip hop group.
  • Watch a special hide scraping demonstration, preparing material that will be used for the creation of a parfleche in December.
  • At the always-popular Indigenous Art Market, shop for a wide array of delicious food, hand-crafted goods, and medicinal plant products.


Due to the popularity of this event, ticket reservations are strongly recommended as capacity is limited.

Admission is FREE for First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. Regular admission for all others.

All tickets include access to the event as well as admission to the Digital Immersion Gallery, exhibit galleries, Brainasium Outdoor Park, Infinity Dome theatre, Spark Eatery and Astronaut Ice Cream café.

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