Spark Learning Lab: Design Thinking in the Classroom

Beyond Problem Solving: Design Thinking in the Classroom: How Holistic Design Can Empower You and Your Students

With Erin Quinn & Stephanie Bartlett

Design practices are evolving in response to the world. In the past, design was seen as a linear tool to identify and solve problems, but now it is understood in a more generous and holistic way. Join this workshop to learn how a holistic design approach can help build relationships and set the stage for an incredible year of learning.

This participatory workshop will examine questions such as:

  • What is holistic design and how do we practice it?
  • Why do relationships matter and how can these be cultivated to enable design?
  • How can design uplift people to be empowered?
  • How can design practices help you connect your students to curriculum?
  • How do holistic design practices build collaborative communities between school and beyond?
Spark Learning Lab is all about educators!

Need a bolt of inspiration to supercharge your classroom experience in 2022? Want to help build a more inclusive and curious learning community?

Join Spark for a series of engaging online professional development sessions that unlock science communications, science-based tools and new methods for teaching science (and other subjects) in the classroom. Spark Learning Lab is a learning-focused online program designed for not just teachers, but informal educators and professional-learners alike!

What’s the cost? $5 per session. However, sessions are FREE for anyone who identifies as an Indigenous educator, or is an educator that teaches Indigenous students.


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