Spark Learning Lab: Re-Imagining Education

Re-Imaging Education: Making the Culturally Diverse Context Meaningful for Students and Educators.

With Carl James

In this session, explore what it means to engage in an equitable educational process that would make learning and teaching meaningful for everyone in today’s culturally diverse classrooms, especially in this moment, where institutions are being called upon to be more inclusive and engage in a process of decolonialization. The idea of “re-imagining education” is related to two questions: what are we going to do differently and what are we prepared to do differently?

Spark Learning Lab is all about educators!

Need a bolt of inspiration to supercharge your classroom experience in 2022? Want to help build a more inclusive and curious learning community?

Join Spark for a series of engaging online professional development sessions that unlock science communications, science-based tools and new methods for teaching science (and other subjects) in the classroom. Spark Learning Lab is a learning-focused online program designed for not just teachers, but informal educators and professional-learners alike!

What’s the cost? $5 per session. However, sessions are FREE for anyone who identifies as an Indigenous educator, or is an educator that teaches Indigenous students.


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