A twinkle in your eye, and a hit of dopamine for your brain!

It’s that time of year, to break out the lights and the holiday cheer, with Sparkle Sparkle, from December 1, 2022, until January 2, 2023.

Holiday lights have a positive psychological impact, they bring a feeling of joy and elevate mood! Decorative lights are bright little reminders of holiday memories that can impact dopamine levels, which brings about that cozy holiday feeling we all know and love.

The science centre is open late every night, and full of holiday surprises! Starting at 5:00 PM, guests will experience the magic of Goodnight Moon, holiday carollers, quirky characters on stilts, a robot dog, crack open a geode, and so much more! Guests can enjoy the whole science centre – with a holiday twist. There are fun treats to be found in every corner. Be sure to check out the Alien who stole Christmas in the Infinity Dome and of course get your shopping all done at the Spark Store. From warm, festive peppermint drinks to ice cream that is out of this world, Sparkle Sparkle has something for everyone.

***The science centre is open all day with regular programming. Holiday activations begin at 5:00 PM.

Experience the joy and science of:

  • Shows with Spark’s resident robot-dog to celebrate some Flint-mas. 
  • Try tasty treats at the Sugar Shack, and warm-up with hot drinks from the Astronaut Ice Cream cafe.
  • Get creative and paint some snowflakes using salt crystals.
  • Catch The Alien Who Stole Xmas  in Spark 360-degrees Infinity Dome
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